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Osom to know #10

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osom to know
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Here is Osom to know #10 – a collection of subjectively the most interesting articles on broadly defined digital marketing.

A sentimental journey through coding, a recipe for an Osom UX portfolio and mistakes that are better to avoid in SEO. In the Osom Design section you will find some great mockups and even more vintage accents than in the last week’s edition. Ready?

Have an Osom read!

Web development

👉 The 90s are back – and not only in fashion and music. Check what trends from the past Web Developers can be inspired by again today according to Max Böck:


👉 The echo after WordCamp Europe 2020 can still be heard. See the best presentations from the conference by the Moove Agency:

Check out our summary of the event, where Osom developers describe their favorite lectures:


👉 Richly illustrated dos&don’ts of using a variety of checkboxes, inputs and switches. Check out the UX Collective study and learn the best practices to be applied in projects:


👉 45 tips on how to prepare a UX portfolio from IxDA San Francisco:

Pssst! The tips are the result of a portfolio analysis sent by designers as part of the San Francisco Design Week. The works were analyzed both by experienced UX Designers and HR professionals, so these tips are worth their weight in gold and will help you shine during every recruitment meeting.


👉 6,000,000 pages, 52,000 audits – Sitechecker has prepared a comprehensive report of the most common mistakes in SEO. Check if you’re not making any of them and get your site back to the top of the Google search results:

Social media

👉 Remote work, which has become a new reality for many global corporations due to the pandemic, forces organizations to take interest in technical infrastructure. In a new report, LinkedIn analyzes the scale of the phenomenon and the user behavior on the platform related to it. If your business is operating on the IT market, start reading Osom to know with this infographic:

Osom Design

👉 Are you looking for mockups of mobile devices for your projects? These ones are really Osom and free of charge:

👉 Typography doesn’t have to be boring. Check out the presentation of the entire alphabet, from A to Z, in different styles, varieties and colors:

👉 The most popular pre-internet platforms? See Wikipedia and Pinterest of the past:


Stay tuned! Another portion of industry-related articles is coming next Wednesday to broaden your horizons and keep you up to date with digital marketing.


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