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Ho ho ho! 🎅 Here are the most interesting articles from the previous editions of the Osom To Know newsletter. For the web developer, the marketer, and the designer – take something for yourself 🙂

Have an Osom read!

Web Development

👉 9 practical tips on how to effectively create animations, accompanied by examples. The CSS-Tricks article is recommended:

Word Press

👉 These 8 plugins will help you automate operations and support everyday processes related to running your business online. Check which plugins (and in which industry) are worth testing according to Medium:


👉 On-line project sprint? Read an article by Abstract, check out a great case study with a toolbox and tips that will help you carry out this process effectively:


👉 Working in e-commerce? Statistics show that up to 68% (!) of users abandon their shopping carts. Baymard Institute comes to the store owners’ rescue. In an extensive study – where data from more than 15,000 tests of the checkout process were used to prepare the analysis – the researchers describe 18 of the most popular project traps:


👉 6,000,000 pages, 52,000 audits – Sitechecker has prepared a comprehensive report of the most common mistakes in SEO. Check if you’re not making any of them and get your site back to the top of the Google search results:

Google Ads

👉 An overview of the Google Ads bid strategies and how best to use it can be found on the PPC Hero blog:

Social Media

👉 CPC lowering tactics, B2B advertising targeting capabilities and effective strategies – 55 minutes filled with advice for advertisers on LinkedIn in the Search Engine Journal’s podcast:

Osom Design

👉These illustrations and 3D graphics boast the latest trends and designs. Clear typography and clean design, animations that give the whole project an even better character. We could watch it again and again…

👉 A package of fashionable 3D graphics – more than 100 elements to use on the web, in presentations and applications. Click to download here (Awwwards’ Site of The Day):

👉 404s don’t need to be irritating (that much). Check out this collection of inventive and funny “page-not-founds”:

Are you hungry for more knowledge? Check out all previous editions of our newsletter:
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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

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