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Why a company needs an Instagram presence?

obrazek do wpisu Dlaczego firma powinna mieć konto na Instagramie na blogu Osom Studio
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Did you know that 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile a day? Is your account one of them? If not, find out why it should be!

In this article you will learn:

  • How Instagram helps to sell and grow your business Scroll down
  • How Instagram helps you to stay in touch with the client Scroll down
  • How Instagram helps to build brand awareness and expand your reach Scroll down
  • How Instagram helps to present products, show what you do. Scroll down
  • How Instagram helps to build an engaged community. Scroll down
  • How Instagram helps to lighten up your company’s image. Scroll down

Sell and grow your business

Have you ever heard a claim that Instagram doesn’t actually boost sales? Sadly, we have. Considering the increase in Instagram’s advertising budget, we believe such opinions to be completely unfounded. According to NapoleonCat, the global ad revenue on Instagram is 6.84 billion dollars at this point, constituting a growing share of Facebook profits. However, you can sell on Instagram without using advertisements too. Under organic activity, the app provides business profile users with picture product labeling and store features. You can trust us when we say that users have a hard time resisting the urge to buy when they see a brilliantly presented product they are looking for (or not). Even if you don’t experience direct sales on Instagram, it might at least support conversions – serving as a wingman that helps users put a product in the cart when visiting your (e-)store.

“Here and now” or always in touch with the client

The Instagram name is a portmanteau of two words: instant and telegram. The etymology itself points to the basic idea behind the app, which is to communicate in the “now” mode, as everything is happening here and at the moment. The world keeps getting faster, with the amount of information that reaches us constantly growing. This is why it’s becoming more and more important for the consumers to get authentic content created in real time and that is exactly what you get on Instagram. Having a company profile on Instagram gives you a chance to always be directly in touch with your potential clients.

Build brand awareness and expand your reach

Users spend on Instagram averagely 27 minutes per day. Make use of that time by getting them interested in your company. All you need is one good, interesting post for a user to visit your profile and stay there for longer. Regular and well-planned posting pictures, videos and Stories will over time translate to better recognition of your brand on Instagram. If you also come up with a catchy hashtag that is in line with the communication strategy, the chances are pretty high for the users to start using it and expanding your reach in a natural manner.

Present products, show what you do

They say that a picture says more than a thousand words. It is much easier for our brain to absorb images than a written text. Understanding a visual message and interpreting it takes about a 10th of a second, whereas reading 200-250 words will take us about 60 seconds. Why such a difference? A text is a collection of symbols which only make sense when put together. When it comes to images, they are symbols themselves, conveying a specific meaning. Seeing how (visual) content is King, make use of it in your communication. Where? On Instagram of course! It’s a great place to present your products or services to the world – wrapped in a lifestyle packaging, it is bound to catch users’ attention. Provide your potential clients with contents that are pleasing to the eye and build a relationship bridge with them.

Build an engaged community

Although it keeps getting harder to get likes on Instagram with time, it is still one of the most engaging social media platforms. Instagram users are 15 times more likely to respond to content than Facebook users and 20 times more likely than Twitter users! If you want to build an involved community around your brand, this is exactly where you should set up a profile for it. That’s because engagement is a key element in communication – by encouraging dialogue on Instagram, you make them more likely to become your clients.
Psst! Remember that on Instagram, it’s not just about a number of hearts under a post.

Greenhouse effect

Instagram is a medium that in its nature allows to be a little more laid-back, spontaneous and humorous. If you want to lighten up your company’s image a little, this is a great place to do it. On Instagram, you can present your brand’s “how it’s made” and offer your fans a backstage pass. You can show that behind every product, there are people who love their job. Such actions are a great way to reduce the distance between you and the potential clients, and if you work in B2B – they also support your Employer’s branding.

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