Adam Świecki

Website design and implementation for Adam Świecki, attorney.

Project goal

Create a modern website that will challenge stereotypes about lawyers and build its own brand on the web. Implement functional and mobile site with technology and graphics well-suited to the needs of the legal industry. Increase visibility of the company to clients on the web.


The challenges of this project are primarily the limited advertising opportunities of legal services as well as social stereotypes about lawyers reflected in the designs of their websites. Legal services are perceived as difficult to access, and we attempted to change this conviction.


  • Intelligence and analysis

    • Conducting an interview with the client in order to set the goals of the project and get to know the specifics of his profession. Analysis of the material collected for website content.
  • Competitive analysis

    • Research on and assessment of law firm websites, and conclusions.
  • 3. Creating a concept

    • Guidelines for the visual identity, architecture, graphics and functionality of the website
    • Building information architecture
    • Preparing sketches and mock-ups
  • Designing a visual identity

    • Analysis of customer needs and development of a visual concept for the site
    • Choosing unusual colors for the legal industry, whose color schemes usually embody the seriousness of the profession and build the relevant associations in the minds of users.
    • Choosing fonts to allow for comfortable reading on monitors and mobile devices
  • Programming and implementation of the website

    • Designing page visuals according to ID
    • Development of the graphic design for mobile devices
    • The choice of technology (PHP / HTML / CSS / JS) and website optimization for mobile devices
    • Coding
    • Implementation
    • Optimization of pages for further SEO activities

Final result


Informing and engaging users

Color scheme

Fresh, inspiring confidence and and well-suited to the client's profession


Sans-serif font makes for easy reading


A fully-responsive site tailored for mobile use


Achieving very good results in GTMetrix


  • Challenging the conventional wisdom that legal websites are unattractive and outdated.
  • A designer's design, with a functional interface.
  • Building a consistent and professional online image for the firm.
  • Page loading time - 2 seconds.
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