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Drewnowska 77

a new residential investment in Łódź

Exclusive apartments in an exclusive location

D77 is the developer’s flagship project. The industrial, historical vibe of Lodz has been complemented with a modern architectural style – one that is synonymous with luxury and good taste.

Modernity and raw, elegant vintage

What we did was we coded and designed a fully responsive website, as well as prepared branding and prints for this luxurious housing developer’s investment. The goal of the project was to capture the spirit of the venue and to meet the latest UI and UX standards (responsiveness, animations, interactions).

Raw, post-industrial lofts have been turned into luxurious apartments – we wished to refer to this style in the project and thus to reach our target group.

Drewnowska 77


Drewnowska 77 is an exceptional, premium project among the Tree Development Group investments. The identification had to include all its characteristics.

Drewnowska 77

Drewnowska 77

Luxorious Catalogue

The cards are printed on both sides of an elegant thick paper. The catalog is decorated with several refinements, such as hot-stamping, varnish and gilding. The goal was to give the prestigious character of the investment.

Drewnowska 77Drewnowska 77

Responsive Website

The website is fully responsive. It has several functions:

it informs potential clients about the value of the investment; allows them to contact a consultant, use the support and initiate sales.

Drewnowska 77

Drewnowska 77

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