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Project goal

The goal of our cooperation with eurobank was to provide technical support for the company’s “Our People Round the World” CSR campaign. Our efforts helped to create an attractive setting for the event. We created a range of BTL material and, most importantly, an interactive website that both represented the event and helped to manage it. To better understand the scope of our work for eurobank, we recommend reading the following description:

The aim of the “Our People Round The World” campaign was for eurobank employees to travel the length of the Equator - 40,075 km, or 24,901 miles - in just four weeks. Employees racked up the kilometers in selected physical activities, such as running, swimming, biking, and Nordic walking - it was up to the participants themselves how to help. If they could reach the length of the Equator within the time limit, eurobank would transfer an amount corresponding to the number of kilometers traveled (1 Polish zloty per kilometer) to the I Have a Dream Foundation (of course, they did it!). The event also included an employee competition called the Virtual Relay. Each team’s mission was to send photos or videos of their team from the relay. The submitted material was posted on a map of Poland on the campaign website, with the winners chosen by the contest committee.


The site we were to create had to be not only functional, but also attractive enough to encourage eurobank employees to participate in the campaign.



    • We familiarized ourselves with the client’s vision for the campaign, performing a logistical analysis in order to choose the appropriate systemic solutions.
    • We also analyzed other information gained from our research, such as materials provided by the client from its previous CRS campaigns, and drew conclusions.
  • WEBSITE - design

    • In developing a website concept for the “Our People Round the World” campaign, we focused on interactive elements.
    • We selected features which enabled the client to manage the site and make the campaign more attractive to participants.
    • Information architecture
    • Comprehensive graphic design using the eurobank company colors, which also defined the style of the developed BTL materials
    • Preparation of website content

    • Choice of technologies (PHP, HTML5, CSS3/JS jQuery, AJAX)
    • Site optimization for mobile devices
    • Coding

    • Graphic design consistent with the website concept
    • Coding

    • Graphic design consistent with the website concept
    • Preparation for printing

Final result

The website

the heart of the campaign. With an attractive interface, the fully-responsive website encouraged participants to join the campaign and kept track of their progress.

Animated globe with illuminated Equator

serving as both the campaign theme and a visualization of the goal.

Kilometer counter

connected to the database and updated in real time, showing the distance traveled by campaign participants.


Interactive map of Poland

automatically updated with photos and videos sent by Virtual Relay participants.

Social Hub

fully synchronized with the Instagram, showing the course of campaign on social media. Check out the hashtag #OurPeopleRoundTheWorld


always ready for eurobank employees to fill out and send.


informing participants of their progress in traveling the length of the equator and announcing the winners of each stage of the Virtual Relay.


  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - the website and mailings ensured the campaign was popular among employees, and encouraged them to join in.
  • HELPING WITH STYLE - a brilliant combination of eurobank’s idea and OSOM’s design.
  • CSR CAMPAIGN - success! :) Participants traveled the length of the equator, and eurobank donated X zloty to the I Have a Dream Foundation.
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