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Kodak Alaris

Document management in administration

A manufacturer of scanning devices dedicated – among others – for the public administration sector. The company’s overall goal is to improve the electronic circulation and management of documents.

Goals and premises

The main objective was to create a clear and simple website that would contain a maximum amount of information and enabled the public administration sector employees to find out everything they need to know about the device of their choice. This, in turn, would directly influence the conversion rate and new leads acquisition.

OSOM’s mission

  • creating an optimal and transparent information architecture
  • encouraging users to purchase the merchandise by introducing an attractive product presentation
  • creating a simple and transparent graphic design that emphasizes both the purpose of each device and its positive impact on the final customer’s experience
  • developing a coherent communication system and making sure the website contains all the crucial information, product descriptions and blog posts among others
  • designing a new layout and implementing the website

Kodak AlarisKodak AlarisKodak Alaris


  • creating sections for substantive user support – FAQ, blog, search engine adjusted to fit the needs of the individual user
  • utilizing solutions that manage customer relationships and allow B2B marketing automatization
  • basing the website on WordPress and connecting it to CRM used by Kodak Alaris

Kodak AlarisKodak AlarisKodak Alaris


At first, the website was only designed for the administrative sector. However, the concept has been changed during the project realization and presenting the final users with the opportunities that Kodak Alaris products open before office spaces became the main goal. With that in mind, marketing activities have been implemented to the website (which our agency has also been responsible for).

Thanks to valuable content, with time the website gained new consumers.

The solutions that we have implemented enable the sales department to conduct their own activities, monitor sales results, data analysis and lead processing.

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