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La Perla

Aesthetic medicine clinic

Assumptions and goals

One of our clients asked for help in refreshing his website. The previous one was already few years old and required adaptation to the latest visual and technical standards. The main goal was to refresh the image of the clinic and to strengthen its position among others professional and trusted aesthetic medicine centers.


As for the visual design, we wished to achieve a highly clinical and pharmacy-like look, broken with a stylish elegance. This is why we applied highly contrasting colors and placed such a great emphasis on typography, readability of the texts and the headers. Altogether it gives the sense of luxury, elegance and style, being very feminine and simple at the same time.  Before starting the work, we discussed on how to prepare a style guide. Would we better use classic, elegant and exclusive communication or maybe modern, brutal and aggressive colors? We decided that combination of a very elegant font and an unobtrusive golden color would be a perfect match. We chose the Playfair Display serif font from the Google Fonts database, which is dedicated for large, clear and stylish headlines, and as for the body text we opted for the classic Releway. Pastel colors go well with the industry spirit and segregate the services at the same time, so that the user could easily recognize which department he is currently visiting


The most important section on the home page was the contact field, so that the client could make an appointment as quick as possible. That’s why the CTA buttons are placed at the top of the page and together with the contrasting background they form a well visible contact tool. The division of the main menu and the locations allows to show that the client has several locations to choose and we can arrange a meeting at possibly closest area.
A clear, block-based and clear division of treatments helps users find the information they need. The photo and the color of each department are additional stimuli. We highlighted e-commerce sections to show that the clinic successfully sells its products. Testimonials of well-known people who have already trusted the clinic and regularly visit it, are a compelling confirmation of its advanced performance.


The project is really extensive and has a lot of subpages, information, details, photos. That is why each of the subpages is designed as an individual piece – we tried not to copy the layouts, so every information is presented in a legible and characteristic manner in a style chosen for the page.
We placed a section with locations at the bottom of every subpage. We wished for it to encourage the user not to leave the page while being at the bottom of it and to make an appointment even at the very last moment instead. Users of the previous version of the page had trouble with ordering products, because of poorly designed shopping basket, which effectively drove them away from further purchases. That is why we have also refreshed the entire e-commerce department and shopping path – payments and the way of ordering products.




The simplicity of orders and payments is undoubtedly most important to users. That is why we reduced the process to a minimum and expanded the comfort as possible.


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