Project goal

Multi-channel product promotion. Development of graphic material
for printing, banner ads, preparation and execution of photo sessions, production and postproduction of videos and animations. SEM.


Maintaining the universality and cultural neutrality of the prepared promotional materials. Presentation of the specifications and functions of the device to clients unfamiliar with the technology industry. Maintaining coherent visual communication and content in an international market.


  • Development of visual strategies and establishment of a visual communication framework for NovoPro

    • Development of formats for promotional materials to be used in all further advertising activities.
  • Print

    • Preparation of an advertising series for publication in Audio/Video trade magazines and conference publications
  • 3. Product photo session

    • Developing a visual concept for presenting NovoPro
    • Selection and processing of images for promotional materials
  • Video

    • Preparation of a script which defines how the NovoPro is presented
    • Storyboard - a visual representation of the video sequence
    • Choosing the right plan for the scenario and preparing the set design so as to best highlight the advantages of the device
    • Video production
    • Post-production - appropriate editing, adding a narrator for each language as well as suitable graphics to facilitate understanding of the operation of the device
  • Animation

    • Developing a concept for the animation, busting the myth of difficult-to-use devices collaboration and file-sharing devices
    • Preparing a light-hearted scenario that will present the functionality and use of the NovoPRO device
    • Design animated graphic elements in a storyboard - a visual representation of a film sequence
    • Production of the animation
  • SEM

    • Develop an advertising strategy for a Google AdWords campaign
    • Selecting the appropriate channels to promote the product: Search (text ads in a search engine), Google Display Network (image ads on the Google Display Network in a standard format as well as lightbox), YouTube (in-stream video advertising on YouTube)
    • Selecting the optimal advertising model: CPC, CPE, CPV
    • In the case of video and image ads, selection of the most effective forms of targeting (by destination topics, according to the interests of the target group, by keyword, or according to words entered into a search engine)
    • Preparation of visual advertisements
  • Banner ads

    • Preparation of mock-ups
    • Design
    • Preparation of visual advertisements
    • Placing banner ads on the company websites and external websites to promote NovoPro

Final result

Visual elements

explaining the technologies employed by NovoPRO using universally-recognizable symbols


a presentation of the device in use, its features and functionalities


minimalistic, highlighting the modern design of the device


explaining the operation and concept of the device in a fun and easy way

Banner ads

associating the product with the brand using Vivitek company colors


  • PROMOTION - comprehensive and on an international scale
  • COMMUNICATION - consistent and universal
  • ONLINE VISIBILITY - increasing traffic to the NovoPro website by almost 150% (90% of which are new users), at the same time maintaining high traffic quality
  • ADVERTISING - 2.5 million summary views, close to 70 thousand interactions
  • LIGHTBOX - more than 30 thousand interactions
  • VIDEO - 25 thousand ad impressions on YouTube
  • Interaction rate - 2.5%
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