The NovoConnect product family


Project goal

1. Attractively present the entire NovoConnect product family. Communicate in an unusual, memorable way.
2. Establish a knowledge base about both the products and the problems they solve.
3. Increase the number of product inquiries from the online channel, and reach a larger audience.


In February 2017, Vivitek planned to launch the NovoEnterprise, a new wireless imaging and collaboration device. Though similar in use to previously available solutions, it is aimed at a different target group. NovoEnterprise is designed primarily for business use, which influenced Vivitek in its decision to create the NovoConnect family of products.

As such, we faced the challenge of creating a holistic communication concept that would embrace both the new devices and the rest of the product family. The timeframe for completing such a comprehensive project was relatively short and involved delivering the prepared materials to the client, who was once again participating in the largest audio-video industry event, Integrated Systems Europe 2017 in Amsterdam.



    • Design a new logo for the NovoConnect family
    • Develop a brand book to standardize product identity
    • Prepare creative material consistent with the new standards
    • Implement a new graphic design for the client’s website as well as promotional materials

    • Create a comprehensive website concept in consultation with the client
    • Analyze and plan the information architecture
    • Develop both visual and substantive content
    • Develop wireframes, followed by graphic design
    • Graphic design consistent with the overall visual identity of the Vivitek brand, including use of the new NovoConnect logo

    • Site optimization for mobile devices
    • Coding and speed optimization (WordPress)
    • Site implementation and launch on the destination server
    • Unveiling of the website - promoting the new NovoEnterprise device

    • Prepare a script for presenting the NovoEnterprise device
    • Create a storyboard
    • Select the appropriate plot and prepare the set, which will serve as the background for presenting the design and functionality of the device
    • Create the video
    • Edit the video and add infographics to help understand how the device works

    • Develop an animation concept consistent with previously prepared content
    • Develop a scenario which presents the NovoConnect Solution product family and its range of practical uses in a friendly way
    • Prepare the graphic design of animated elements
    • Create the storyboard
    • Produce the animation
    • Add the soundtrack and voice-overs

    • Create an advertising campaign to be printed in numerous magazines
    • Design promotional brochures, roll-ups, and banners
    • Create a Demo Kit - special boxes to be provided to visitors at the Amsterdam trade fair

    • Design NovoConnect mailings
    • Send the mailings
    • Provide support for the media plan, contact with several European trade magazine, and coordinate marketing activities and project management

Final result

New logo

a modern interpretation with Vivitek colors


aesthetic and functional while maintaining the highest quality technical solutions (good GTMetrix performance, full responsiveness)


presenting the device in practical use and in specific situations, as well as demonstrating its functionalities


a simple and light-hearted presentation of the NovoConnect Solution concept

Print materials

attractively designed, with all necessary information about products as well as high quality images

Demo KIT

notable for its design in the shape of a suitcase, which - as it is associated with businessmen - subtly referred to the business solutions offered by Vivitek


well-designed and sent to the select target group


  • PROMOTION - comprehensive and utilizing various media to reach potential customers
  • VISUAL IDENTITY - refreshed and highlighting the qualities of the products
  • ADVERTISING MATERIALS - successfully used to promote the NovoConnect family at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam
  • MAILING CAMPAIGN - achieved its goals (ORs and CTRs) thanks to appropriate audience segmentation and effective mailing design
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