Palmer’s Academy

Comprehensive online marketing for the cosmetics manufacturer Palmers.

Project goal

Create a site which fully corresponds to the needs of pregnant women. Be inspired to take care of expectant mothers and provide them with access to proven knowledge about pregnancy and maternity as well as lifestyle content. In addition, build a database of health care outlets as well as events dedicated to pregnant women. Create a series of thematic videos with experts such as dermatologists and midwives, upload them onto the website and share them on YouTube. As a strategic goal, promote website using Pay Per Click advertisements.


Proposal of a page format different than that used by similar pages as well as the need to differentiate Palmer's Academy from the competition. Responding to the needs of modern women preparing for motherhood based on the knowledge available on the web and in print.


  • Interview and analysis

    • Consultation with the client - Familiarizing ourselves with the full vision of the project, making strategic decisions that enable us to define the various steps of the process as well as the main goal of the project
  • Competition analysis

    • Research on Polish and foreign sites dedicated to expectant mothers
    • Analysis of the collected material in terms of site architecture, included features and content
  • Video production

    • Preparation of a scenario for each film
    • Preparation of a storyboard
    • Discussion of the concept with the specialists appearing in the films
    • Choosing a location for filming and preparing a production plan
    • Production
    • Post-production - editing and branding
  • Creating the overall website concept

    • Development of the visual identity of Palmer's Academy in close cooperation with the client
    • Designing the information architecture of the service
    • Preparing sketches and mock-ups of the page, confirming our decisions on arrangement of content on the page
    • Choosing fonts
    • Preparing the graphic design of the page, consistent with the logo proposed by the customer
  • Programming and implementation

    • Selection of technologies (PHP, HTML5, CSS3/JS, jQuery)
    • Optimization of the website for mobile devices
    • Coding (WordPress)
    • Publishing content and images provided by the client for the website
    • Publishing the videos produced for the website
  • Search Engine Optimization

    • Publishing the videos produced for the website
    • Optimization of page loading time
    • Page title optimization
    • URL address optimization
    • Preparation of meta descriptions
    • Content optimization
    • Compression of graphics
    • Preparation of image names and descriptions
    • Keyword optimization for the information most searched for by expectant mothers

Final result

Graphic design

in keeping with the aesthetic tastes of mothers.


a fully-responsive site that works well with mobile devices.

Video content

videos with professional advice engage users.


  • A comprehensive service offering expectant mothers valuable content.
  • A functional interface ensures a positive user experience.
  • A site that works very well on mobile devices - available whenever an expectant mother may need it.
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