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Advertising services for online stores

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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

More traffic equals more profits

We support and monitor the activity of online businesses – thanks to well-proven marketing techniques, we help you earn more. Due to careful analysis of competition, current sales activity as well as customer behaviour, we are able to proceed with truly precise targeting and a sales strategy in order to attract new customers. We use multiple channels and increase the sales of products and recognition of your brand through creation and optimisation of effective advertisements in Google search. With us, you will be at the very top of the search list.

Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Sales and conversion optimisation

Thanks to a wide range of e-marketing resources and techniques, we generate traffic and interest in products in your e-store. Customers frequently empty the cart and end their customer journey. We minimise this risk, regain these carts and attract the recipients to your website again - also by improving the functioning of your website itself.

E-commerce, e-change, e-success

Optimization, effective keywords, ads and campaigns in social media and Google Ads, as well as diverse, attractive forms of communication increase traffic and boost the number of finalised transactions. With us, you will attract loyal customers, partners and ambassadors of your brand. We also offer a full spectrum of consulting services and advanced analytics at all levels of collaboration.

What exactly do we do?

  • technical optimization of your e-business
  • optimization and selection of suitable keywords
  • textual advertising in Google search (i.e. search or sponsored links)
  • product advertising in Google search (i.e. Google Shopping)
  • graphic advertising in the Google advertising network, i. e. banners or Google Display Network (GDN) advertisements
  • video advertising on YouTube
  • remarketing in Google search (textual advertising) and in the Google advertising network (graphic and video advertising)
  • increasing the sales of products in your online store
  • generating leads in your online store
  • increasing the recognition of your company
  • building your brand awareness
  • creating advertisements and advertising campaigns in social media
  • graphic content design
  • monitoring of the activity and the results, reporting

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