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Facebook/Instagram Ads Training

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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Statistics speak for themselves

Statistics show that (alongside YouTube) Facebook and Instagram are those social media platforms where the most of advertising budget is invested. Wonder why? Because they gather a great number (and at the same time great variety) of users. Among them, there are also your customers. Attract their attention thanks to the knowledge gained during our training.

Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

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After the training, you will gain practical knowledge which can be used in communication with your customers. You will learn how to effectively manage your company's fan page, in particular how to implement advertising there. Planning a campaign and advertisements, budgeting and optimisation, available formats and types of posts, precise setting of goals and reaching the target group of recipients – all of this will no longer be a mystery, and you will be able to fully benefit from the potential of the Facebook and Instagram advertising system. Attract new customers and welcome new possibilities.

Effectiveness guaranteed

Our experts are well aware of Facebook and Instagram policies. In order to help you avoid any potential failure, they will discuss with you good and bad examples of promoted content. Thanks to that, you will always act according to the sites’ policies and save your precious time. Make unique advertising creations with memorable graphics and valuable content. Reach new groups and build your brand awareness with us.

What exactly do we do?

  • setting goals and campaign selection
  • clear definition of the target group
  • presentation of available advertising formats and business goals
  • recipients becoming acquainted with the fundamental terminology
  • training on analytical and optimisation activities
  • advertising configuration step by step
  • training on interpretation and reporting of Facebook Ads campaign results

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