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Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads

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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Social media advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Advertisements in social media channels are simply irresistible. Social media not only bring millions of users together, but also give us the opportunity to reach a target audience with specific interests, education, demography, in selected locations and much more. We use various advertising formats that will engage your audience and encourage them to take suitable actions.

Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Facebook/Instagram Ads - advertising as the key to trade

Facebook/Instagram Ads is the undisputed leader among social media advertising platforms. We create memorable and encouraging ads, both graphic formats and audio-visual content (gifs, videos, animations). Read our guides on social media advertising. "XYZ" is a comprehensive guide to Instagram, where you can also find information on advertising activities, similarly as in OUR "Mini-Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads". We have as many as "XYZ" downloads - these numbers speak for themselves.

Twitter and LinkedIn advertising campaigns - reach for more

Advertising on Twitter or LinkedIn? Getting followers, promoting posts and videos, visiting your website, encouraging conversion - yes, it is all possible in these social media and we know how to boost your reach.

What exactly do we do?

  • advertisements on Facebook (graphic ads, video ads, Facebook store)
  • advertisements on Instagram (graphic ads, video ads)
  • advertisements in other social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • increasing the sales of products in your online store
  • generating leads on your website
  • increasing the recognition of your company
  • building your brand awareness

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