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Google Ads Training

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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Expand your possibilities with Google Ads

Google is the monopolist in terms of online search in Poland, so it is worth learning more about its advertising potential. After all, for a long time now Google has been much more than merely a search engine. Instead, it is a complex network of advanced methods targeted at customers with the use of various available means of communication. Thanks to becoming acquainted with the AdWords system, you will learn to optimize your promotional activities, measure their effectiveness and reach completely new groups of recipients through the search engine itself (textual advertising, i.e. search and graphic advertising, GDN - Google Display Network), Gmail (graphic GSP advertising) and video advertising on YouTube. Sky is the limit!

Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Development is what counts

With us, you will learn to set directions for development of advertising activities as well as an overall strategy of your company. We offer inspiration and suggestions, we answer questions and remain available to you in case of any doubt. Thanks to our integrated, well-planned services, you will receive the return on investment in advertising, achieve a prominent position in the ranking of the search engine results and be permanently remembered by the recipients. We offer training on text advertising in the search results, graphic advertising on Gmail (i.e. GSP - Gmail Sponsored Promotions), video advertising on, product advertising in the search engine (Google Shopping, formerly PLA). What does the training package include? The introduction (basic terminology), the recognition of business goals and campaign selection, step by step account configuration, optimization, tips, questions and answers – both for beginners and more experienced users. It is worth mentioning that we hold all the certificates (in every kind of advertising, at least two members of the team) and the status of a Google Partner.

We are a Google Partner

Our agency holds all the possible certificates in every kind of advertising, and the status of a Google Partner. It means that we have the full range of knowledge and skills to introduce you to the world of Google paid advertising. During the training, you will learn the fundamental technology (e.g. SEM, SEO, PPC), master keyword selection, setting business goals and types of campaigns and also you will configure it, step by step, with the help of an expert. In addition, the training includes a workshop on the optimization of Google Analytics activities and the configuration of remarketing advertisements.

What exactly do we do?

  • training on textual advertising (search)
  • providing training on graphic advertising in the Google advertising network (GDN) and on (GSP - Gmail Sponsored Promotions)
  • training on product advertising in the search engine (Google Shopping, formerly PLA)
  • training on video advertising on
  • training on the configuration of AdWords advertising account
  • training on interpretation and reporting of Google AdWords campaign results

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