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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Optimization is the first business commandment

Reaching the top of search results resembles a race for the trophy and in fact this is precisely what it is. Websites compete for a prominent position in every field and area, and the number of podium places is very limited. Take steps that will improve the index of your website or score in Google's SEO. Website optimization will allow you to top a number of similar services, no matter whether you work locally or nationwide. Internet users search for a million results every second of every day. Take care of your visibility on the Internet, which these days gives you virtually endless possibilities of brand promotion and development. Increase your visibility on the Internet with Osom Studio!

Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

AdWords campaign and optimization – a “start-up” package

Website optimization is a long-term process, and sometimes you have to wait a few months to see noticeable effects. Due to that, we recommend supporting your optimization activities with an AdWords campaign during the initial phase. Thanks to that, we ensure the instant visibility of your website above organic search results. Bear in mind that most users use only the first page of search results. Take advantage of two Osom Studio services and let them notice you immediately.

Optimization with Osom Studio? – I’m in!

Thanks to our experience and involvement, we will make sure to learn a lot about the specific nature of your business. It will allow us to adjust the best optimization methods and tools for your company. Based on a website audit, we prepare a detailed action plan, including individual goals and strategies. With the knowledge of SEO copywriting rules and trends, we create for you online content with the right number of keywords, attractive and valuable to the users of your website. With our help, you will gain a high position in the Google search result list.

What exactly do we do?

  • website and online store audits
  • editing and complementing of meta descriptions for every subpage
  • creating a suitable hierarchy and editing of H headers
  • technical website optimization (which includes, e.g. load time, viewing data on mobile devices, SEO-friendly URLs)
  • website content SEO optimisation
  • providing Alt and Title for graphic content, text compression and suitable terminology
  • reporting and planning

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