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Website development and support

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Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Website development - why is it worth it?

Launching the website is just the first of many steps that need to be taken in order to become visible on the internet. Without paying attention to marketing, your site won’t stand a chance in the fight for high Google positioning. The internet is a space that demands constant upgrades and updates, so our interactive agency prepared a complex range of actions that will help develop your website. We’ll take care of hosting, graphic design, software and good security. Show your clients that your website is up to the highest technological standards. Growth is key - and that’s what Osom Studio wants to offer you. We will objectively evaluate the technical state and the level of SEO content on your website and create a detailed plan for the development of functionalities that will increase its efficiency. Make changes in the software, so that the site is tailored perfectly to its users - your customers!

Osom Studio - Agencja Interaktywna

Availability monitoring and website updates

Not everyone needs to understand the technical details of the internet, so we will gladly help you pick the optimal solution, which will - in turn - allow your website to load quickly and fulfill the brand’s goals. As a part of the website development and support service, we’ll be happy to take care of availability monitoring, updates and backups. It will protect you from data loss or using the ad budget when the website is temporarily down. Nothing will surprise you when Osom has your back.

Marketing and website support - can’t make it without them!

Creating a website (having a polished design, good software and a publication on a domain) is a good start. However, in order to find your way to the top of the organic search results on Google or reach the target consumers on Facebook, you must also take care of the proper marketing of your website. We will implement solutions helpful to advertising activities as early as during the website development process. We’ll take care of its support and add analytical tools, that will allow you to monitor the marketing results. Your users will always experience your website without hiccups - regardless if they’re browsing on a desktop or mobile device. System updates are a must-have for every website. Come and see what we can achieve together.

What do we do, exactly?

  • creation of individual designs up to the UX standards
  • refreshing the company’s branding
  • providing software adjusted to the requirements of the implemented solution
  • caring for website updates and its backup
  • planning future actions based on data analysis
  • adding new functionalities
  • caring for the security of our systems
  • adjusting websites to the advertising requirements
  • caring for SEO content optimization
  • ensuring complex internet marketing services
  • developing website-dedicated applications

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